Assistant Professor of Economics: Department of Economics, University of Oregon

Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Public Economics, Labor Economics, Consumer Finance

Contact Information:, 517 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall, (805) 453-2873

I am an applied behavioral economist with an interest in applications to consumer finance, public economics and labor economics.  I use a variety of methods —laboratory experiments, field experiments and observational data analysis— to study the importance of behavioral theory for economic policy, the determinants of preferences and preference-elicitation methodology.


Food Choice and Policy

  1. “Who Feels the Calorie Crunch and When? The Impact of School Meals on Cyclical Food Insecurity.” Journal of Public Economics, 2018. Funded: University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research grant.

    [Journal Article] [Paper + Appendix]

  2. “Cyclical Food Insecurity and Electronic Benefit Transfer.” Revision requested, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

    [Paper + Appendix]

  3. “Behavioral Food Subsidies,” with Andy Brownback and Alex Imas. Funded: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Evidence for Action grant.

    [Paper + Appendix]

Determinants of Time Preference

  1. “Toward an Understanding of the Development of Time Preferences: Evidence from Field Experiments,” with James Andreoni, John List, Anya Samek, Kevin Sokal, and Charles Sprenger. Journal of Public Economics, 2019.

    [Journal Article] [Paper + Appendix] [NBER Working Paper]

  2. “Decision-Environment Effects on Intertemporal Financial Choices: How Relevant are Resource-depletion Models?” with Peter Kuhn and Marie Claire Villeval. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2017.

    [Journal Article] [Paper + Appendix]

  3. “Waiting to Choose,” with Alex Imas and Vera Mironova. Revision requested, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.

    [Paper + Appendix]

  4. “Exposure to Violence Predicts Impulsivity in Time Preference: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” with Alex Imas and Vera Mironova.


Experiment and Preference Elicitation Methods

  1. “Measuring Time Preferences: A Comparison of Experimental Methods,” with James Andreoni and Charles Sprenger. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2015.

    [Journal Article] [Paper + Appendix] [NBER Working Paper] [Time Preference Estimation Kit]

  2. “Experimental Methods: Extra-laboratory Experiments - Extending the Reach of Experimental Economics,” with Gary Charness and Uri Gneezy. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2013.

    [Journal Article] [Paper + Appendix]

  3. “Experimental Methods: Between-subject and Within-subject Design,” with Gary Charness and Uri Gneezy. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2012.

    [Journal Article] [Paper + Appendix]

  4. “Arbitrage or Narrow Bracketing? Experimental Tests of Money as a Primary Reward,” with James Andreoni, Christina Gravert, Silvia Saccardo and Yang Yang.

    [Paper + Appendix] [NBER Working Paper]

  5. “Is It Safe to Measure Risk Preferences? Assessing the Completeness, Predictive Validity, and Measurement Error of Various Techniques,” with James Andreoni.

    [Paper + Appendix]

Biased Belief Updating

  1. “Understanding Outcome Bias,” with Andy Brownback. Games and Economic Behavior, 2019.

    [Journal Article] [Paper + Appendix]

  2. “Confidence and Contrition: Is Cheating Internalized in Performance Assessments?” with Nathan Adams and Glen Waddell.

    [Paper + Appendix]


  1. “Building Rational Cooperation on Their Own: Learning to Start Small,” with James Andreoni and Larry Samuelson. Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2019.

    [Journal Article] [Paper + Appendix] [NBER Working Paper]

  2. “Tying Each Other to the Mast? Examining Commitment Devices in Groups,” with Nathan Biemiller and Jeffrey Naecker.

Consumer Credit

  1. “Slowing Down Digital Credit,” with Alfredo Burlando and Silvia Prina. Funded: Center for Effective Action Digital Credit Observatory grant.


  1. “Understanding College and Major Choice: Evidence from Denmark,” with Anne Toft Hansen, Sally Sadoff, and Helene Willadsen.